Tuesday training is 10pm.
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If you have any questions about coming to train or joining the Chiefs then

please call Jimmy Gardner on +44(0)7973 265645.

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Hey Chiefs,

My name is Maksims, I’m from Latvia. Wanted to ask you - is it possible to join your team as a cameraman/video editor. I’ve played ice hockey since my childhood and also worked with professional team - HK Zemgale/LLU as their cameraman in the last year during play-off games. I have 4 years experience in ice hockey filming. The biggest project I’ve done is a couple games for EHL (enthusiastic hockey league) which is based in Latvia (however, there is allowed to hit your opponent) on Arena Riga, a place where HK Dinamo Rīga plays their home games in KHL (Kontinental Hockey League).

Just a little bit about myself - I’m 23 years old, started to play ice hockey in my yard, then moved to inline hockey (hockey on the rolling skates) where I played almost for 3 years. Then, I received an invitation to one of the teams in EHL and I joined the team where I spent about 3 years before moving to London for studies. My original position is a goalkeeper, however if I need to play as a defender or a forward, I don’t argue, I just do my job.

Looking forward to receive an answer from you in advance. I just want to say that I have a huge passion about the ice hockey and it could a great if you are interested in me as I’m interested in possibility to do what I love to do.

Best regards,
Maksims Martinsons.
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